CHRONICS - She Don’t Know Why I’m Here - Asian Man Records

by Chronics



MIKE WATT & THE SECONDMEN / CHRONICS "From Ciro's to Starwood" Split 7" (KFJC 89.7 FM - Review by Naysayer).
This is one of those “the sum may be more interesting than the whole” kind of stories. The split with Mike Watt + The Secondmen and Chronics are two enjoyable, straight ahead several minute numbers of punkish surf and power pop psych goodness that put a smile on my face. Mike Watt’s “Surfin’ With the Shah” is a fun, driving surfingish instrumental that keeps you dancing. The Chronics, hailing from Italy, cover of “She Don’t Know Why I’m Here” continues in their playing of power pop with a no nonsense go at it attitude. It’s good clean fun.

But wait….. what’s happening here? There’s a lot more meat when you know the background.
Released on Asian Man Records, the label run by Mike Park (of Skankin’ Pickle and Chinkees fame). Since 1996, Park has been releasing second, third and more wave punk, ska music from his garage distribution. It’s an impressive collection of releases.
This is his first release from Mike Watt.

Now, Mike Watt is the ever plaid shirt wearing, San Pedro heavy hitter bassist of godhead bands Minutemen and Firehose, besides numerous other projects. Mike Watt + The Secondmen, usually a trio, is one of his current projects where he is lead singer besides bassist. Yet this is an instrumental. And not just any instrumental but a cover of the first 45 released by seminal L.A. punk trio The Urinals. Why would he pick this song to cover? Well, on Youtube there is clip of the Urinals performing “Surfin’…” at Hollywood’s Anti-Club back in the early punk days, and who jumps up on stage to dance and shout to the number but the Minutemen’s own D. Boon, best friend and bandmate of Mike Watt. Connection? Maybe.

And then the Chronics. They choose to cover “She Don’t Know Why I’m Here”, L.A. power pop granddaddies The Last’s first 45 release from 1977. The Last’s version definitely is a forerunner and guide to the Paisley Underground that came later in Los Angeles. The Chronics are definitely influenced by that sound and they honor it well.

Both songs are mixed and mastered by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Records from Detroit. Which must be how these two singles came together for Mike Park. Or is it that Mike Watt has connections to Italy with another project of his with two, Italian musicians, and that’s how he knows about the Chronics? Or is it…… ???
How about you just play it and enjoy.


released 05 May 2014



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Chronics are an Italian power pop and punk band. They released their debut single on californian Rip Off Records in 1999, two full lengths and two best of. They remained idle for some years, then back in 2013 for new recordings and gigs (in 2014 and 2015 are planned two vinyl split singles with Mike Watt and the Secondmen). ... more

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Track Name: She Don’t Know Why I’m Here
See that girl with the raven hair
I wish she were mine, but she don't care 'cause
She don't know why I'm here

So many others – and just the same
They all come out 'cause it's part of the game, but
That's only when they're here

Take a look around and you'll see what I mean
It never could have been ten years ago
The answer should be plain when you stumble back again
They never felt the kind of pain
The real world brings

See that girl with the soft blue eyes
They never seem to close or show surprise but
They don't believe they're here

She's looking at me, but I don't know
If I look back she'll run on home 'cause
She don't know why she's here...

This one's for you
You modified petrified hypocrites
God! To raise your children like goldfish
In plastic naugahyde cells

Are you coming out baby?
Who'll be my baby?